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  • We know the industry.The RubySketch team is made up of industry professionals (architects, builders, engineers), which is why we understand what your users want, and how they want to use your content. We are your customers, and we keep up to date with all of the current BIM workflows and professional trends..
  • Get it right the first time, and get in touch with RubySketch. RubySketch has established itself as the foremost content solution consultants and content providers. We have a large number of big name Manufacturers, and there is a reason why they have put their trust in RubySketch..
  • Simplistically complex. Our team at RubySketch knows when and for whom to create simple or complex 3D content, and we have streamlined the process, so that it is easy to understand and quick to implement.
  • Quality is key. We don't settle for anything but the most user-friendly and holistic content solutions. There is no point creating a BIM content solution if it will not be used by your customers. We have some of the best content creators in the world. We specialize in SketchUp content, but have created a very good relationship with companies like IGS group, who are also world leaders in quality Revit content.

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