Our Difference

The RubySketch team comprises industry professionals including architects, builders, engineers, estimators, and software developers who all understand the limitation of traditional 2D design software. We are revolutionizing how residential building professionals design, specify, estimate and build by creating innovative 3D design software and a comprehensive BIM library based on real products.

By adopting BIM architectural design software, PlusSpec for SketchUp and accessing BIMBits, our library of intuitive and intelligent 3D content, we believe that every residential building professional can become more efficient and profitable.

Rubysketch difference is we work closely with market’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure that our 3D models & software are as intelligent as possible right down to including suppliers contact details for ease of specification.


We believe in creating new technology and tools for the betterment of the industry.


We actively connect with suppliers to create 3D models & seamless/tileable textures with exceptional detail and accuracy to be shared with architects, specifiers, estimators, builders alike.


We will seek to remove waste & rework from the design, specification, estimation, and construction process.

Customer Success

We will help our customers learn and succeed in new ways.


We deliver value by providing products that just work.

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